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Integra Design – Customer-focused graphic design, writing & website design

You’ve worked hard to build your business… always striving to reach more customers, increase your profits, and strengthen your brand. We understand, and we’re here to help you make your business the best it can be.


Quality – Always a top priority

Just like you, we take pride in our work. We’re especially proud when we can help businesses like yours create marketing materials that stand out and make things happen for them.

Affordability – Making great marketing achievable

Why pay top dollar to a high-priced advertising agency with excessive overhead? We’re an affordable alternative for businesses without big brand budgets.

Customer Service – Because you matter to us

Regardless of the size of your company or your budget, we give you outstanding customer service and personal attention. You deserve that!

Convenience – Getting it done shouldn’t be a difficult process

Who has the time to deal with this person for this and that person for that when trying complete a marketing project? When you work with Integra Design, you’ll find it’s like having an in-house design and marketing team – without the high costs and commitment. We do print graphic design, website design, professional copywriting, messaging, social media and more.

Talk with us about our effective, affordable, and hassle-free approach!

Graphic Design Services

Your business is different from all others. Through your marketing materials, you need to show your customers and prospective clients just how unique you are and the value you offer.

At Integra Design, we use our know-how, creativity and graphic design experience to create remarkable layouts, designs and illustrations that showcase your company’s individuality and effectively communicate your message. Our original graphic designs are crafted specifically for your business to match your brand personality.

Brilliant design makes your marketing materials easier and more enjoyable to read. It can make sharing complicated information less complicated. And it can effectively turn leads into customers.

Why settle for anything less than brilliant for your marketing materials?  Talk with us about our professional graphic design services!

Brand/Logo Development

Your logo. It’s what prospective customers usually notice first about your business. It represents you on your business cards, website, social media, storefront, staff apparel, billboards, promotional materials, and more.

Your logo gives your company its identity, and it should capture the very essence of who you are as a brand. A well-thought, professionally designed logo will enhance your business. A poorly crafted logo could cause you to miss opportunities.

At Integra, we’re passionate about creating custom logos. We know what’s at stake for your business, so our professional graphic design team uses a creative process that welcomes your direct input and feedback. When we design your logo, we consider how to make customers feel connected to you through the use of images, shapes, lines, typography and color. We ensure your logo reinforces your values and conveys your one-of-a-kind style so it takes your company’s image to new heights.


Whether you would like to build brand awareness, introduce new products and/or services, or simply increase your bottom line. We will coordinate your marketing ideas and turn them into a complete comprehensive plan with a marketing campaign. Including design, layout, printed marketing materials, mail list generation, mailing, website design, social media and much more. We will take the worry out of the job, so you have peace of mind!

Website Design

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools of your business. It needs to be working in unison with all of your other media for a consistent, cohesive manner. What does your website currently say about you? Integra Design has the expertise and creativity to give you the impact that your brand needs to attract new business and give prospects the confidence that they are dealing with a top-notch company. We can develop a new website from scratch, customizing it to your specific needs and audience. We can also work with your existing web company providing new themed graphics if all you need is a fresh image. Flexibility is the key here and Integra has it!